Wherever possible we source from rural British manufacturers.

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Peat free Wool Compost from Dalefoot Composts

We offer all seven products.

Prices range from £7.00 to £10.00 depending on bag volume.

729 litre and 1200 litre bulk bags available poa. 




REMIN volcanic rock dust

We offer three products for domestic gardeners. 

10kg         £6.50

20 kg       £12.00

40kg        £22.00

Allotment groups and societies

  50x10kg bags  £220

100x10kg bags  £420

    49X20kg bags  £370  

0.5t        £135

1t          £240




Blackheart char

Coming soon, new for 2018




Woodview Gardens Grit and silver sand

Coming soon, new for 2018.




Woodview Gardens Seed range

We offer a selection of vegetable seeds.

All seeds £2.00 per packet.

For 2018 we will expand our range of vegetable seeds.




Woodview Gardens Wooden plant labels.

Three sizes £3.50 to £5.50 per pack. Price depending on size.




Twool twine.

We offer the full range of twine, rope and animal accessories.

Twine prices from £2.00 to £7.00 depending on reel size.




TwistPot and Saucer at £10.00.




Buttacup flow growing system.

We offer all the colours.

£10.00 each.




ToeCap work socks.

We offer the full range.

Prices range from £7.00 to £11.00. Email for price list.




Woodview Gardens Ladies socks.

Ranges under review for 2018.




Natural skin care products.

We offer a selection of Mr.Bee's beeswax based cosmetics.

50ml creams £7.00.

Lip Balm (argan oil) £3.50.




Pinwheel lip balms beeswax and botanical ingredient based.

Prices from £8.00.




New Ewe skin care products.

Chunky Farmhouse soap bars 155g e in Nettle, Fresh Citrus and Rose Geranium and Lavender.

Lanolin Rich Hand Lotion 250ml in Nettle, Floral Twist and Citrus Twist.

New for 2018 fragrance free soap and hand lotion.